Our Jerky

Perfect for a healthy, easy and delicious snack – it’s loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids and packed with great taste!

Alaska’s Best smoked salmon jerky is made from wild salmon from icy fresh Pacific waters.   Each salmon is hand filleted, carefully seasoned and slow smoked over cherry and alder wood for over 24 hours.

Available in three Flavors

Our Wild King Salmon Jerky is available in regular, peppered and teriyaki flavors and four convenient sizes. Our jerky doesn’t need refrigeration so keep some on hand for anytime throughout the year!

All of our Alaska’s Best Salmon Jerky comes from the best Alaskan wild king salmon. Great for a fishing trip out on the lake, long hike, camping in the back woods, skiing on the slopes or watching the big game. Our salmon, by nature, is packed with quality protein to keep you moving and Omega-3’s to promote healthy skin and joints.

Ingredients – Wild salmon, salt, brown sugar, corn syrup solids, natural flavoring, spices, garlic powder. There’s no need for refrigeration, no sodium nitrite, artificial colors or MSG. We are Kosher certified.

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